Individuals responsible for the scientific quality of publications:

All the materials published by our contributing journals, are expected to be a very qualitative and recent and scientific quality of the manuscript is under the supervision of the respective editor in chief of the respective journal/s. However based on the feedback from various indexing agencies CEO of the IMED Research Publications may suggest for a quality.  To assure the best quality of published materials we are appointing two committees
1. Internal Committee (Consists of Editor in Chief/CEO Nominated Editorial Board Members from all the three journals)
2. External Committee (Consists of eminent persons in the respective field, Selected and appointed randomly based on the Editor in Chief/CEO feedback).
Responsibilities of the committee includes detailed reporting of scientific quality, based on the report CEO and respective Editor in Chief will plan for the implementation of the suggestions.  

Advertising Policies for print and web publications:

IMED Research Publications are strictly not encouraging any type of publicity in the respective journals from external agencies.

Important Notice:

IMED Research publication adopting Green Initiative (safe paper and save trees) thus to contribute for the environmental friendly system.

IMED Research Publications adopting the global paper procurement and usage policy supports the general goals of environmentally sustainable fiber use, reducing pollution and conserving natural resources through recycling and waste reduction. As purchasers of paper in the publishing sector, we are committed to protecting and minimizing our impact on the environment. In order to produce materials responsibly we have adopted high standards for the procurement of paper. We actively work with our suppliers to maximize the efficient use of paper and reduce consumption.

Publishing Credentials:

All the Manuscripts Published under our Publishers are obeying Creative commons license.

Attribution-NoDerivs: CC BY-ND

For Feed Back you can Contact us at any time at ( your feedback is very important for us.